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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Admission Arrangements

If you are thinking about choosing Abbey Gates Primary School for your child's education, this page has useful information to help.


Apply for a Place

Please refer to the Nottinghamshire County Council page for full details on school admissions, including the County policy documents.


Determined admission arrangements


Our published admission number for F2 is 30.

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If you are seeking to apply for an F2 place starting in September 2024, determined admissions information can be found by clicking here. 


Are you in our catchment Area?

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Our Admissions Policy

We are able to offer Foundation 1 (F1) provision before the children start full-time school. Children may attend F1 during the term following their 3rd birthday. 


When does your child turn 3?

When can they attend?

1st April – 31st August

Autumn term


1st September – 31st December

Spring term


1st January – 31st March

Summer term



Families that receive 15 hours of funded childcare can pay for additional hours where available, at a cost of £5.00 per hour.

Abbey Gates also offers up to 30 hours of funded childcare for eligible families. These hours can be shared with other childcare providers. Parents should state their preference for sessions on the form provided by the school office and sessions will be allocated where possible.

There is a daily charge of £4.50 for lunchtime cover if your child stays all day.

Please be aware that a place in F1 does not guarantee a full-time statutory place.

Parents and children will be invited to a meeting prior to the start date to confirm sessions required/available.

In the event of over subscription to F1, the same admission guidelines as Nottinghamshire County Council will be applied.