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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Spring - Explore

Below, you will find a copy of the Explore project placemat. This document encompasses sticky knowledge, essential connections, recommended readings, subject-specific concepts, key vocabulary, and potential career opportunities associated with this project.

Explore: Why would you like to live here?


In the first half term, children will learn about the key geographical characteristics of the United Kingdom. They will discover the different countries of the United Kingdom and the regions within England. Children will explore the human and physical features of the UK, including the types of settlements, key topographical features and how types of land use have changed over time. Children will use maps and atlases to explore the UK and their local region while learning to use a compass, four-figure grid references, keys and symbols



After half term, Year 3 will learn about the world and how it is represented on maps. Children will discover the different countries and capital cities of Europe as well as recapping the countries and cities of the UK. Children will specifically focus on Italy and will learn the key human and physical features of the country before focusing on the region of Campania. Children will learn about plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes and will complete two Campania case studies. Children will then use their knowledge to compare Nottinghamshire with Campania and establish similarities and differences between the two.