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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Pupil Voice

This Maths Pupil Voice will be completed again in Spring Term 24 with the same children with a particularly look at their improved fluency.   

Pupil Voice Summer Term 23

What do you like/enjoy about Maths, and why?

  • Y6: enjoying maths that you have previously struggled with and overcoming a barrier.
  • Y3: how the teachers sets up the challenges that you can work through.

Why do you think learning about Maths is important?

  • Y6: Maths is in everything! You are always going to need Maths.

What did Maths help you do this year?

  • Y6: Getting my mood up and improving confidence.
  • Y3: to look after money at home and how to spend it

Does your teacher enjoy teaching Maths?

  • Y3:  Yes, she smiles when teaching it and she really wants all children to understand Maths.
  • Y4: Yes, it is her favourite subject, she is very enthusiastic.
  • Y5: Yes, he always smiles and is very enthusiastic. 
  • Y6: Definitely. He’s maths person. He’s enthusiastic to help people when they are struggling. 

Pupil Voice Spring Term 23

What do you like about Maths?

Year 2 pupil: "Solving ‘impossible’ questions."

Year 4 pupil: "I like how there is lots of different ways to work things out, that suit your brain."

Year 4: "I like the struggle, because when you finally get it you feel good."

Year 6: "Like problem solving, solving really life problems as more of a purpose to it."



What can you do to improve your Maths?

Year 2: "Keep working hard on something that you find hard to get better and better."

Year 6:  "If you are struggling in class ask someone/tell them – table partner, teacher, TA."