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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Attendance Matters

Parental responsibility Under Section 7 of the Education Act 1996, the parent is responsible for making sure that their child of compulsory school age receives efficient full-time education that is suitable to the child’s age, ability and aptitude.


Can a parent take their child on holiday during term time?

Under the revised regulations, Headteachers no longer have the discretion to agree up to 10 days leave for a family holiday during term time. Instead Headteachers can only agree a leave of absence during term time in exceptional circumstances. The NAHT have produced some guidance for Head Teachers on what might constitute an exceptional circumstances.


As a general principle, schools should consider each request individually taking into account the circumstances, such as:

• the nature of the event for which leave is sought;

• the frequency of the request;

• whether the parent gave advance notice;

• the pupil’s attainment, attendance;

• possible impact on learning and examinations;

• the students ability to catch up on missed schooling.

Withdrawal from Learning Form