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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Art and Design

Subject Lead: Paul Summers

Subject Ambassador: Emily and Thea (Y6)


At Abbey Gates Primary School, it is our firm belief that we should enhance and enrich all children’s learning experiences through a dedicated commitment to the arts curriculum. Our goal is to impart the necessary knowledge and skills that foster the development of their creative imagination. We ensure that art experiences are diversified and acquired through the arts curriculum, sharing and celebrating achievements, as well as organised visits.


Children actively engage with a diverse range of art forms regularly to delve into values, attitudes, feelings, and meanings. This engagement cultivates their ability to both create and critically assess artworks, fostering an appreciation for artistic expression. Each child is not only encouraged to work independently but also collaboratively in teams, sharing experiences and presenting their artworks to others. We provide ample opportunities for them to gain insights into the role of the arts in society, encompassing artwork from various cultures.

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