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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Autumn - Discover

Below, you will find a copy of the Discover project placemat. This document encompasses sticky knowledge, essential connections, recommended readings, subject-specific concepts, key vocabulary, and potential career opportunities associated with this project.

Big Question: Who suffers the most during war/conflict?


We're going on a journey to understand how different people felt during World War II. We'll learn about men, women, children, and minorities to know about their lives and show kindness.


We will discover how everyone in Britain helped during the war. We'll learn about the brave men, women, and children who kept calm and carried on. It's like a big teamwork adventure!


In our RE lessons, we'll explore how people stood up against discrimination and persecution. We'll especially focus on understanding what happened to the Jewish community during World War II. We'll also discuss being Upstanders today, making the world better for everyone!


Ancient Maya Marvels: How advanced were they?


After our World War II adventure, get ready to travel back in time to the Ancient Maya civilization! We'll learn about their cool and sophisticated inventions in science, math, writing, buildings, and culture. We'll link what we discover about the Ancient Maya with what we learned about Ancient Egypt in Year 4