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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Vision & Ethos

Learning together - It is our vision to be a leading school providing quality education in a caring environment, equipping pupils with the key knowledge and skills they need, embedding their learning, extending through challenge from their starting points and enriching the breadth and depth of their learning experiences throughout. All children will be encouraged to fulfil their potential and become responsible, independent individuals. 

We want all the children to feel safe and happy in their learning and we use the 5Cs to explore this: CARE, COMPASSION, CONFIDENCE, COOPERATION & COURTESY. We learn about good behaviour towards others, and good learning behaviour. We ask all of our children to:


'Aim High and Be Kind'. 

The children helped us to choose our motto and they felt that this is what Abbey Gates Primary is all about. We all Aim High with our work. We take our chances and even if we don't always succeed we keep trying. The story 'What to do with a chance' by Kobi Yamada has helped us to get brave, take chances and say yes to new experiences. 

The 3 bees stand for: 

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to each other

Be kind to the world


We use these to explore how to look after ourselves physically and mentally, how to form good and respectful relationships and how to look after the world from and environmental perspective.