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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference



Subject Lead: Miss E Orchard

Subject Ambassador: Naeve (Y6) & Freya (Y6)


Physical Education is so important for a child's all-round development. As well as developing physical skills, PE teaches children intellectual skills, helps them navigate complex social situations, and nurtures their emotional development and mental wellbeing.


Through the study of Physical Education, children at Abbey Gates Primary School combine practical sports skills; developing physical strength and basic movements with key social concepts such as resilience, courtesy and confidence. This allows them to reflect on their own ability and improve personal bests but also enables them to become kind, considerate individuals within sport. In Early Years, children focus on developing their gross and fine motor skills. In Key Stage 1, children begin to learn basic fundamental skills such as throwing and catching and develop balance and coordination. In Key Stage 2, children begin to use their basic skills, learnt in previous years, in competitive situations; using tactics and teamwork for attacking and defending in a range of different sports.



Cyclocross Festival February 2024

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