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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Spring - Discover

Spring Term Newsletter

Spring 1

This will be an extremely busy term with lots of knowledge and skills to “discover”, as we look forward to going back in time. During the first half of the Spring Term, the children will be asked the Big Question ‘How did the first people survive?’

We will take a journey back in time to find out about life through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Children will learn more about:


  • What humans needed to survive in the Stone Age
  • How features of people’s daily lives changed from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age
  • How evidence can give us different answers about life in the past


Stone Age Web Links


Spring 2

The next part of Discover project will be linked to the Greeks and the children will be answering the Big Question - What if you had to choose?

As part of this project we learn more about Ancient Greece and understand more about how to create their own historical questions to explain what primary and secondary sources are and how they differ to name and describe some of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses


Greek Web Links