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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Sticky Question

Summer Term

21.4.22: What's the strangest thing about how people live in the past?


28.4.22: Is there anything that never changes?


5.5.22: What bit of technology would you want to uninvent?


12.5.22: Are there some things that only your family says or only your school?


Spring Term

7.1.22: If everything froze, would time still pass?


13.1.22: If you swapped brains with your teacher, where would you be? 


20.1.22: Can you touch a number?


27.1.22: If you can just one phone call with anyone, who would it be?


3.2.22: Do we choose our friends or are some friendships meant to be? 


10.2.22: If you never share, but never ask others to share, are you selfish?


24.2.22: How would you explain a joke to an alien?


4.3.22: Is it okay to pay people to do your chores?