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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Sticky Questions

Autumn 1

Week 1: If a genie gave you one wish each, what would they be?


Week 2: Would you rather be friends with a superhero or King/Queen?


Week 3: Should grown ups be told to tidy their rooms?


Week 4: What's slower than a snail?


Week 5: If you like a food your parent hates, does it taste different to each of you or do you like different tastes?


Week 6: If people carried their houses on their backs like snails, what would happen then?


Week 7: What do you think is the best thing about being human?

Autumn 2


Week 1 - What do you think is the best thing about being human?


Week 2 - If the apples from your neighbour's fruit tree are hanging over your garden, is it okay to pick them?


Week 3 - If you took the hands off a clock, is it still a clock?


Week 4 - Tell each other a story about a lamp going to school.


Week 5 - Would it be good if everyone had their own personal helicopter?


Week 6 - What would be a better name for your street?


Week 7 - Santa is hiring new elves, what kind of person if he looking for?

Spring 1

Week 1: If children could run a school for grown ups, what would they teach?


Week 2: Could you send a coded message by smell?


Week 3: How do parents know what is naughty and what isn't?


Week 4: Can you love a brick?


Week 5: Can something be enormous and tiny at the same time?

Spring 2: 


Week 1: Is everything that glitters pretty?


Week 2: Do you need to be tough to be brave?


Week 3: If an animal asked to leave a zoo, should we let it?


Week 4: If I send a tray out to sea, does it become a boat?


Week 5: If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for?

Summer 1: 

Week 1: If you put sunglasses on, does the sky change colour?


Week 2: What is the most important thing about a hero?


Week 3: If you could ask an object a question, what would you ask what?


Week 4: How could a mouse and cat be friends? 


Week 5: If you could bring a dinosaur to school, which one would you bring?


Week 6: If animals had a city of their own, who would do what?