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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Sticky Question

Keep checking back each week. A new sticky question will be given out each week

14th July - 'What's the most reliable form of evidence?' 

23rd June - 'What duties do you have to yourself?' 

16th June - 'Can you be certain you know something for certain?'

9th June - 'What's better - a poorly-paid job you like or a well-paid job you dislike?' 

21st April - 'Is music your parents likes more musical than your music?'

24th March - 'When should you forget something as well as forgive?'

17th March - 'When can you trust what you read?'

3rd March - 'How much of your thinking have others done for you?' 

24th February - 'How do you treat a person like a person? How can someone fail to do that?' 

3rd February - 'If we are all different why are we all supposed to be equal?' 

27th January - 'When do you stop being a child?'  

13th January - 'Can you be a bad person but a good leader?' 

16th December - 'What in the future is already fixed?' 

2nd December - 'Do you know more, or less, than your parents did at your age?'

25th November - 'What makes the strongest reasons: facts, feelings or beliefs?' 

18th November - 'If you laugh when you are trying not to, is it you doing the laughing?' 

11th November - 'What would happen if money were abolished?' 

4th November - 'If a piece of famous art turns out to be fake, is it less beautiful?' 

7th October - 'What are the most important things you cannot see?'

30th September - 'How many witnesses equals seeing something with your own eyes?' 

23rd September - 'If we treat animals differently to us, are we being 'speciesist'?' 

16th September - 'If two prefect people thought about whether something was right or wrong, would they always agree?' 

9th September - 'Would it be better to have fewer, larger countries or more, smaller countries?'