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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Sex Education

Sex Education

The DfE continue to recommend that all primary schools should have a sex education programme that is tailored to the age and maturity of the pupils.


In the Summer Term, workshops that support our learning in Relationships, Health and Sex Education are delivered by an external specialist across Key Stage 2, covering the content below. The parts in green indicate areas that are non-statutory and parents will be offered the opportunity to withdraw, prior to the sessions taking place, by following the procedure outlined above.


Year 3

Differences between boys and girls, naming body parts, families, good/bad touches.

Year 4

Naming body parts, introduction to puberty changes

Year 5

Puberty changes girls/boys, families of all kinds, reproduction within the context of loving relationships, healthy relationships, internet safety

Year 6

Re-cap on puberty changes, sex, reproduction and birth, abuse in relationships, internet safety


All other areas are statutory as part of the Science curriculum or Relationships / Health Education and children cannot be withdrawn from these areas.