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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Web Quest: Exploring Fascinating France!

Bonjour, young explorers! Welcome to an exciting web quest where you will embark on a virtual journey to learn amazing facts about France. As you navigate through the web, you will discover fascinating information about the country's culture, landmarks, food, and more. Are you ready? Let's dive in!

Task 1: Discover France's Geography
Objective: Learn about France's location, major cities, and physical features.

1. Visit the website:
2. Read the information provided and answer the following questions:
   a. What are the neighbouring countries of France?
   b. Name three major cities in France.
   c. Can you find any significant rivers or mountains in France? If yes, name them.

Task 2: Unveil France's Landmarks
Objective: Explore famous landmarks and monuments in France.

1. Visit the website:
2. Navigate through the page to find information about the following landmarks:
   a. Eiffel Tower
   b. Louvre Museum
   c. Mont Saint-Michel
3. Create a collage using pictures of these landmarks or draw them on paper. Label each landmark with its name.

Task 3: Delve into French Culture
Objective: Gain insights into France's culture, traditions, and celebrations.

1. Visit the website:
2. Read the interesting facts about France's culture.
3. Choose one French celebration (e.g., Bastille Day, Carnival) and create a colourful poster explaining how it is celebrated. Include relevant pictures and describe any special activities or traditions associated with the celebration.

Task 4: Savour French Cuisine
Objective: Learn about popular French dishes and ingredients.

1. Visit the website:
2. Scroll down to the section on "Food and Recipes."
3. Choose three famous French dishes you find intriguing.
4. Create a menu card for a French restaurant, listing the chosen dishes along with a brief description of each. Feel free to add drawings or images to make it visually appealing.

Bravo, explorers! You have successfully completed the web quest and explored fascinating facts about France. You've learned about France's geography, discovered famous landmarks, delved into French culture, and savoured its delicious cuisine. France is a country rich in history and beauty. Félicitations! (Congratulations!) Now, take a moment to share your favourite discovery with your friends or family and tell them why France is such a fantastic place to explore.