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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Curriculum Offer

Languages Curriculum Offer




It is our intention that our Languages curriculum ensures that the children at Abbey Gates finish their time at primary school as confident and articulate communicators, both in written and spoken French, allowing children opportunities and opening the door to countless possibilities. Our Languages offer is designed to give learners the opportunity to discover the world from a different perspective and to ignite a sense of curiosity about other languages and cultures. Through the study of French, children are equipped with key skills, knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to become enthusiastic linguaphiles and effective communicators. Our aim is to deliver French through lessons that ensure a progression of skills and is driven by possibilities, diversity and community. We strive for all our children to develop a love of languages.



Communication is crucial in learning a language, and our children are provided with regular opportunities to use, speak and write in French, as well as listen, read and understand others. The resilience and adaptability they develop is a valuable and transferable skill that underpins the intent of not only the Languages Curriculum, but the whole of the Primary phase. We equip our pupils with a knowledge of French in line with our curriculum progression map.



By revisiting key language knowledge and skills linked to the National Curriculum, the children become familiar and confident linguists who can apply their knowledge in a range of contexts within their stage of language learning.



We aim to ensure challenge for all through breadth of learning in French. We 'Aim High' from starting points, maximising learning opportunities for all children.



The children are exposed to a range of authentic and bespoke resources to enrich their languages learning experience.




At Abbey Gates, we believe that nothing has been learnt until it is in your long-term memory and that memory is the residue of thought. Key skills and knowledge are taught and revisited within each year and across year groups. The cyclical nature of language learning means that core vocabulary and structures are revisited and built upon throughout Key Stage 2, to better prepare our learners for studying a foreign language at secondary school.




The impact of our Languages offer is measured through our monitoring cycle, which includes book looks, learning walks, pupil voice, planning scrutiny and curriculum intent reviews. Once reviewed, findings are fed into a subject development plan to continue to improve our Languages offer.


We assess and track Languages against Benchmark Standards in each phase. In assessing, we are looking for sustained mastery, greater depth, inspired learners and children who are fulfilling their potential. Throughout Key Stage 2, the children are supported and challenged in their learning.


Below is an outline of the impact we are looking for in our pupils in the curriculum area of Languages.


  • Children enjoy language learning and are curious about languages.
  • Children are aware of cultural diversity and accept that in a multi-lingual society, it is a highly valuable skill to be able to communicate effectively with others in another language.
  • Children develop a rich and broad cultural capital.
  • Children develop intercultural understanding and tolerance for others.
  • Children become confident, effective communicators.
  • Children understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources.
  • Children learn new ways of thinking about and looking at the world.
  • Children are provided with the foundations to learn further languages.