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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


10.3 Home Learning

Good morning F1, 


As school is closed today due to the snow, please find a list of home learning activities below you may choose to complete. When you have completed your task, please upload this to tapestry to share your work.



Our focus sound this week is /d/. Can you spot items around the house that begin with d? 

Support: Out of 3 items, choose the item that begins with d.

Extend: Practice writing 'd' using the rhyme "Dog curls round like c for cat, up like an acrobat, up for a a treat and down to lick his feet."



This week, we would have been practicing agility and coordination by moving around obstacles at varying speeds. Set up an obstacle course in your house with a focus on weaving between obstacles.

Extend: How quick can you complete your obstacle course?



Our 'special word' in NELI today is 'shy'. Have a conversation with your grown ups about what makes you feel shy? What does it feel like to be shy? How can we help others when they are feeling shy?



This week we have been learning about length and height. Looking at your toys at home, can you find the tallest toy and the shortest toy. Choose 3 toys and order by height. 

Extend: Choose 5 toys and order by height. Explain how you know you are correct. 



If you decide to play out in the snow, talk about what the snow feels like. What does it sound like under your feet? What happens to snow when it gets warm? Will the snow stay there forever? 

Have some fun in the snow! Build a snow person or snow animal, make a snow angel, roll snow balls! 


Drawing Club

On Fridays, we practice our drawing skills. Follow this step by step guide to draw a dog.

Extend: Colour your dog in. Practice writing the initial sound 'd' (link to phonics).