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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Autumn - Discover


Autumn 1

This will be an extremely busy term with lots of knowledge and skills to “discover”, as we look forward to going back in time. Our discoveries will be inspired by the Big Question ‘Have we advanced or regressed since ancient times?’

We will take a journey back in time to find out about what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians.

Children will learn more about:


  • When and how the Ancient Egyptian civilisation fits into the chronology of world history. 

  • Who the Ancient Egyptians and where they lived? 

  • What was life like in Ancient Egypt and how it was different depending on a person’s gender and wealth as well as how it compares to life now.

  • What some of the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians were and how have they impacted life for us now.

  • How our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.


Autumn 2

The next part of our Discover project will be linked to the Romans and the children will continue to discover the answers to the Big Question ‘Have we advanced or regressed since ancient times?’

As part of this project we learn more about the Romans and understand more about historical enquiry.


Useful Ancient Egyptians and Romans Web Links

Project Placemat

Above, you will find a copy of the Discover project placemat. This document encompasses sticky knowledge, essential connections, recommended readings, subject-specific concepts, key vocabulary, and potential career opportunities associated with this project.