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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Autumn term questions

w/c 4th Sept - Is there anything that cannot be measured?

w/c 11th Sept - Is the hole in a wedding ring part of the ring?

w/c 18th Sept - If someone gives something expecting to get a gift in return, is it still a gift?

w/c 25th Sept - Should you let someone win if they are younger than you?

w/c 2nd Oct - When should you refuse to follow orders?

w/c 9th Oct - Are humans wild or tame?

w/c 16th Oct - What new word could you add to the English language, and what does it mean?


w/c 6th Nov - Can you be good or bad at being yourself?

w/c 13th Nov - How much is meaning what you say, and how much how you say it?

w/c 20th Nov - Can children be trusted to make fair rules? What about adults?

w/c 27th Nov - Is nothing something?

w/c 4th Dec - Are all works of fiction lies?

w/c 11th Dec - If super-intelligent aliens wanted to eat humans, would they be wrong to do it?

w/c 18th Dec - We sometimes wish we were them, then we could do as we wish. They sometimes wish they were us, then they could do as they wish.