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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Pupil voice

History Pupil Voice - 29th March 2023


Year 1

"We have 2 big questions: 'What is once upon a time?' and ' What would it be like to discover somewhere or something new?'"


Danny: "What is once upon a time? Could be the start of a story or the start of someone's life."


Eloise: "Toys used to be made from wood."


Hannah: "Did you know that Orville and Wilbur were inspired to make airplanes when they saw a bird with wings and wondered why we can't fly."  


Year 2

"Our big question is 'Should we be forgiven for our mistakes?'"


Freddie: "I think sometimes, it depends on what it was."


Ava: "I think we should be forgiven."


Ivy: "The Great Fire of London happened in 1666."


Nellie: "It started on Sunday 2nd September 1666."


Abbie: "It was actually Thomas Farriner who accidentally started the fire from his oven."


Tommy: "Samuel Pepys wrote a diary so we know what happened."


Year 3

"Our first big question is 'How did the first people survive?'"


Emmanuel: "There were 3 periods in the Stone Age: Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic."


Whole class: "Palaeolithic in the past. Mesolithic is in the middle, Neolithic is new."


Gabriel: "In the Stone Age, they ate to survive. They ate cows, chicken, boars and more."


Jasmine and Amira: "We use artefacts to predict what happens in the Stone Age. We predicted what could have happened by looking at artefacts at Creswell Crags. We can't know for sure what happened so we predict."


"Our second big question is 'What if you had to choose?'"


Charlie: "We are learning about the Greeks. Men would choose of women could leave the house or not."


John: "They would trade items because they didn't have money."


Emma: "They would trade dead chickens."


Olivia: "Zeus was the most powerful God. He was married to Hera and had 2 brothers."


Year 4

"Our big question is 'Have we advanced or regressed since ancient times?'"


Xavi: "Regressed means 'Have we gone backwards?'"


Emily: "I think we have advanced because when Egyptians and Romans were around they ate things like dormice."


Joe: "I think both because there isn't as much war but we've regressed because we've polluted the air."


Samira: "We've advanced because of technology. We have gone digital."


Xavi: "We've taken the ideas of the past and made them better."



"We study history so we don't repeat the mistakes of the past." - Toby (Year 4)


"Studying history means learning about things that happened 1 second ago, or 1 million years ago. We're learning about things that have already happened." - Xavi (Year 4)