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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Reading Ambassadors

We love reading at Abbey Gates Primary! Some of our children have taken on a brand new role to help make our love of reading even deeper. They are known as our Reading Ambassadors and they can't stop talking about the books they love! 



To help develop a love of reading and books. 


What they do:

Book pick – Reading Ambassadors go to the library once a half term as a group to choose books to be added to their reading corner. They also choose one book each to review to be uploaded to the school website so that children in their class can choose whether they want to own a copy to read themselves. 


Assemblies – time to share their love of reading, celebrating children who are making progress with their reading, sharing the books they have chosen for their class each half term. 


Reading group – During break times.


Library – each half term, the Reading Ambassadors will choose a book to be presented in the library. 

Books which our reading ambassadors love: 

Genevieve chose Peter Pan and Peter Rabbit.

Ava chose Matilda, she said "There is a little girl and she likes reading and I like reading too. I find books at school really interesting and nice and sometimes they are funny and they make me laugh. I have lots of books by Roald Dahl, he is my favourite author."

Emma chose The Magic Finger, she said "I like it because a family go hunting for wild geese and it is very funny. She keeps on trying to use her magic finger."

Will chose Dragon Ball. He said "It’s an adventure book and it is really funny."

Connie chose Mirabelle breaks the rules and Isadora Moon goes on holiday. She said "she is a really good friend. It shows us that everyone has a different imagination."

Fred chose George and the Dragon. He said "The dragon is scared of the mouse and the dragon can do anything in the whole wide world. It shows you that you can be good at anything."

Megan chose The Ice Monster. She said "I like how it shows that everyone goes on a different journey and everyone can go on different paths and adventures."

Charlotte chose Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. She said "It is a quick read." She also chose Star Friends Mirror Magic and said "It is magical and there are lots of animals in it. The third book she chose was Grandpa’s Great Escape. She said "They all go on an adventure and they make an escape plan and its funny."