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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Pupil Voice

Subject Ambassador "I find it thrilling being a subject ambassador, as I really enjoyed learning about what each year group has done- baking, making. I really is quite interesting."


What do the children at Abbey Gates think about Design Technology?


Y6: I like creating things in DT

I think it’s fun because it’s so creative and you can make anything you want!

I really enjoyed when we created the steady hand games with electrical components because we got design the box and then really enjoyed playing the at the Christmas Fair.


Y5: I like it’s fun because you get to build and make stuff. I made a Christmas dog decoration.

It’s amazing. Every one gets a chance to make something.


Y4: We made a sling shot car. The sling shot didn’t turn out exactly as we planned- next time we could have used more stiff material for the chassis


Y3: The cushions were comfy, silky and squishy. We learned how to do a running stich and some people even did cross stitch !