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Abbey Gates Primary School

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10.3 Home Learning

Good morning F2,


As school is closed today due to the snow, please find a list of home learning activities below. When you have completed your task, please upload this to tapestry to share your work. In addition to this, you may wish to complete some of the activities on your pick and mix homework sheet.


Phonics: Play fastest finger first by locating the grapheme that your grown up says on your sound mat. Can you type the following words? Sheep, down, rain, thing, feet, night, goat. Play Obb and Bob at selecting "phase 3" and revisit all graphemes. 


Literacy: Write here, write now. In school on Fridays, we demonstrate our super writing skills. Using the rainforest picture, write sentences about what you can see. Each sentence can begin with "I can see...." including fingers spaces, full stops and capital letters. For an extra challenge, you could write more detailed sentences such as The monkey is swinging in the tree.



Maths: Count to 100! Make number cards from 0-10 and mix them up. Practise putting them in order from 10-0 - we are working on counting down from 10. Ask a grown up to create a number sequence with a mistake and see if you can spot the error and correct it. 


Science: Explore the snow! Listen to the sounds as you walk on the fresh snow, look closely at the way the snow changes over the day and when you hold it in your hand. Try adding food colouring or paint to snow and making some snowy art. And don't forget to build a snow person or animal! Think about all of the body parts that it will need and add natural materials to give it lots of detail - we can't wait to see your creations! 


Don't forget to share your work with us via tapestry. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Mrs Bowell