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Abbey Gates Primary School

Learning Together & Making a Difference


Sticky Questions

Each week, Year 3 children will receive a new question, which we will collectively review in class on Tuesdays. These questions are designed for their age group and are meant to stimulate discussions. Taking a moment to engage with these questions at home is greatly beneficial; it enhances classroom discussions and offers an excellent opportunity for an activity, emphasising that there are no incorrect answers.


15th April

Do we choose our friends, or are some friendships meant to be?


22nd April

What duties do you have to your friends?


29th April

When is it OK to tell tales?


6th May

What are the rules of playfighting?


13th May

Can a make-believe story be too unbelievable?


Can you be too fair?





How would you explain what jokes are to an alien?


Is there anything that never changes?


Do children understand what it’s like to be an adult? Do adults understand what it’s like to be a child?


If you had a ring that made you invisible, what would you do? What would the average person do?


Can it ever be right to break a promise?


What do children owe to their parents?


Should there be a limit to how much one person can own?


Can you think without words?


If you swapped brains with your teacher, where would you be?