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Abbey Gates Primary School

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Autumn - Discover

Below, you will find a copy of the Discover project placemat. This document encompasses sticky knowledge, essential connections, recommended readings, subject-specific concepts, key vocabulary, and potential career opportunities associated with this project.

Discover: In the past, did people just survive or did they thrive?

Stone Age


Our focus during for the first Half Term will be on the captivating topic of early civilizations and the Stone Age. The children will have the opportunity to learn about how our earliest ancestors learned to survive and how their actions have left a lasting impact on the world we live in today.


We will embark on a journey through history, starting with an in-depth study of life during the Stone Age. From there, we will delve into the intriguing periods of the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Throughout these explorations, our teaching will be centred around the following key learning objectives:


  • Understanding Survival in the Stone Age: We will investigate the fundamental requirements for human survival during the Stone Age, allowing the children to gain a deeper appreciation for the challenges and innovations of that time.
  • Comparing Daily Life Changes: By analysing the transitions from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, your children will develop a better understanding of how daily life transformed and evolved across these historical periods.
  • Interpreting Historical Evidence: Through interactive activities and discussions, we will guide your children in exploring different perspectives presented by evidence from the past. This will encourage critical thinking and a well-rounded understanding of life in earlier eras.


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Early Greek Civilizations



After Half Term, we will then dive into the second phase of our Discover project, this time delving into the captivating world of Ancient Greece. Throughout this project, Year 3 will embark on a journey back in time to uncover the wonders of Greek civilization and its lasting influence on our lives today. Here's a glimpse of what your children will be engaging with:


  • Understanding Greek Civilization: Year 3 will learn about the significant impact of Greek civilization on the modern world. They will explore how the Greeks lived, their remarkable discoveries, and their incredible achievements that continue to shape our society.
  • Developing Historical Inquiry Skills: As part of the project Year 3 will become curious historians by creating their own historical questions. This will empower them to think critically about the past and investigate aspects that intrigue them.
  • Exploring Sources of the Past: Students will learn the difference between primary and secondary sources and why they are both valuable in understanding history. This knowledge will help them analyse and draw insights from various historical materials.
  • Meeting the Greek Gods and Goddesses: The rich mythology of ancient Greece will come to life as the children learn about and describe some of the fascinating Greek gods and goddesses. This understanding will provide insights into the beliefs and culture of this ancient society.


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